The Project

Our mission is to stand for Human Rights with a colourful energy!

Together we can make this world more equal and fair by standing for each others rights. We stand with the people that don't have the freedom to stand for themselves, because they live in unsafe zones where war, suppression & fear is controlling their daily life. Let's use our voices and stand together!

Southern Cameroon Crisis
We stand for Southern Cameroon (English Cameroon). While there is a big crisis and genocide in this part of the country the world is silent.
Cameroon is seperated in a French side (80%) and an English side (20%) living in the South West and North West area. For many years now Southern Cameroonians are oppressed and under attack by the French Cameroonian government. Government Security Forces abusing human rights in Southern Cameroon by beating, raping, arresting and killing civilians, burning their houses, properties, schools, hospitals and ransacking shops. Children can't go to school and civilians fear for their lives every single day. 

Southern Cameroonian Refugees
Since 2017, around 70.000 refugees fled from Southern Cameroon to Nigeria. Next to the refugees, 700.000 people are displaced in Southern Cameroon and has fled into the bushes to look for a safer place to live. As a result, many families have been broken. Children became orphans during this crisis and lost their parents during the escape or because of the genocide in their homeland.

To support the refugees from Southern Cameroon in Nigeria, we give 18% of the profits to assist with basic needs like shelter, medical care, water, food and blankets. The places where the most refugees are located are Ogoja, Ikom, Ajasor and Agborkem Waterfall, close to border of Southern Cameroon.

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