Meet Our Team

Production Team
We contracted with small batik and sewing studios in and around Greater Accra to produce our hand dyed garments.

We work with Juliana Mustapha and her team of 3 assistants for our main production. She is located in Kasoa, a village an hour from Accra. We bring our print designs to the batik studio and in collaboration with Juliana we create the final print and colouring. In a studio in Accra Arts Centre we work together with Victor and his team for smaller productions.

For the sewing of the women garments we contracted with LiEM Creations in Tse-Addo. The owner of the place is Emilia and she has 5 female seamstresses as employees. Emilia is also teaching students all the ins and outs for sewing a well sewn garment in her workplace.
Our unisex and men garments are made in a small studio in Kwashieman. Desmond is our main tailor there, assisted by 2 other tailors.

Jetske is the Head Creative and Designer. She is from the Netherlands and studied at the Art Academy. For her graduation she did a research about Intercultural Communication in Dutch Design. With an interest in cultural diversity & equality she aims to connect cultures with fashion and create a fair business.

Ekwele is the Head of the Production and Team Manager. He is from Southern Cameroon and studied in Ghana at the Maritime University. He has a heart for humanity and brings that back in his daily life with his music and activism. He stands for the less privileged in the society and his motto is ‘Let Love Lead’.